Russian Fairy Tales in English and Russian – Snegurochka, The Spotted Hen

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Russian Fairy Tales in English and Russian – Snegurochka and the Spotted Hen

Watch the video and follow along with these two popular Russian fairy tales in English. Listening is one of best ways to learn Russian, so make sure to check out other videos for more content.


russian fairy tales in english koorochka ryaba

The Spotted Hen

Once there lived an old man and an old woman
and they had a spotted hen.
One day the hen laid an egg.
Not a simple egg but a golden one.
The old man tried to break it and couldn’t.
The old woman tried to break it and couldn’t.
A mouse went by, wagged her tail, the egg rolled, fell down and broke.
The old man cried, the old woman cried,
but the hen clucked- Don’t you cry grandpa, don’t you cry grandma,
I’ll lay a new egg, and not a golden but a simple one.

Курочка ряба

(Русская народная сказка)

Жили-были дед да баба. Была у них курочка ряба. Снесла курочка яичко, не простое – золотое.
Дед бил, бил – не разбил.
Баба била, била – не разбила.
Мышка бежала, хвостиком задела, яичко упало и разбилось.
Дед плачет, баба плачет, а курочка кудахчет:
– Не плачь, дед, не плачь, баба: снесу вам яичко не золотое – простое!


russian fairy tales in english snegurochka


(Snow Maiden)

Once upon a time lived a grandmother and grandfather
and they didn’t have children.
One winter they decided to sculpt a granddaughter
They went to the forest and they sculpted a girl from snow
They called her Snegurochka
All winter Snegurochka helped them around the house
But spring came and then, summer
Snegurochka went to the forest with her friends
The friends were jumping over the fire
Snegurochka thought it seemed fun
and the friends told her to try it too
Then, Segurochka jumped over the fire
and melted
The End


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