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The Funnest Way to Learn a Language

We build games with the intention of making something so fun and addicting that you won’t even notice you are learning. Then, next thing you know, you are speaking a language.


Best app for learning I’ve ever used!

I had the flu and was stuck in bed for a week and a half, and played this most of the time till I graduated from the “institution”. I finally feel like I understand the basic patterns of spanish! My fiancé’s native language is spanish so I’ve been trying to learn, but its difficult to speak to someone when you have less comprehension than a baby in that language. It was a slow and frustrating process…until this past week! He’s surprised that I’m suddenly understanding how to use cases, numbers, and past, present, and future. I just wish there were other languages or subjects with this set up, it’s so easy to learn something when you’re addicted to it! K.C. Pepper,

Best interactive Spanish learning game on the market. I have learned Spanish before in high school and that was 10+years. Sure I remember the basic. But the informal and having a basic and decent conversation with parents (I’m a teacher) is amazing! No more terrible google translation or relying on others! – Myiesha Smith, 11/22/2020

This app is excellent 👍. The creator is responsive to users, the content is fantastic and I can really tell my spanish is improving and I want to practice more. This app makes learning Spanish fun! Just wish my fat fingers didn’t get in the way sometimes lol. – Colby Gallatin, 03/14/2021