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Unlimited Russian Lessons and Tutoring (Skype)
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You can now try Lang Unlimited out for just 1$ for a trial period of 24 hours. Schedule as many lessons as you want for only a dollar, doesn’t get much better than that! Becoming a member usually costs 99$! 


Learn Russian the fastest and most fun way possible with UNLIMITED face to face tutoring with native Russian speakers. Unlimited Russian lessons for language learners of all levels.


The Fastest and Most Efficient Way to Learn a Language

One on one tutoring is, without a doubt, the fastest and most efficient way of learning a language. The reason there are even other methods out there is because of the cost of a tutor being outside of what most people can afford.

Now, with Lang Unlimited, we have brought you an affordable price on as much one on one tutoring and Russian lessons as you want. All this for just 99$ a month, you can have unlimited access to a native Russian speaker.


The only reason we can offer one on one lessons for so cheap is because of the situation in Ukraine and the fall of their currency. This won’t last forever, so learn Russian for cheap from native Russian speakers while you can!

You’ll also be helping to employ people in a country that currently has few employment opportunities.



Testimonials helped my Russian improve very quickly because my tutors were able to customize every lesson to my exact needs. – Derick

Unlimited one on one tutoring lessons? It seemed almost too good to be true, but I was able to book as many lessons as I had time for. – Amira


Have Fun with Our Skype Tutors and Learn Russian

Laugh and enjoy the one on one Skype tutoring sessions you get with our friendly tutors. The only thing better than learning Russian quickly is to have fun while doing it.

 unlimited russian lessons and tutoring

Access to the Lang Unlimited Method (Complete Russian Course)

The Lang Unlimited Method is a complete program you can do which replicates the experience of immersion and you can do it from your own home!

The program is a step by step process to how you can become fluent in the language as quickly and enjoyably as possible. It gives you the best ways to master vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening.  

The Lang Unlimited Method is included FREE with your monthly membership to Lang Unlimited.

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What you will get by becoming a monthly subscriber:

  • Unlimited one on one Russian tutoring sessions and Russian lessons
  • Constant communication and motivation from native Russian speakers
  • Unlimited Russian lessons customized especially for you, your level and your personal goals for the language
  • Lang Unlimited Method which will help you speak Russian fluently in the fastest and most fun way possible

You will get all this for an entire month! You will pay less than 100$ for everything you need to become fluent in Russian.

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Price: 1$ for 24 hours and if you like it, only 99$ a month (3$ a day)



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