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Spanish Game Battle Online

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Instead of wasting time on an addictive game, why not learn a language using an addictive game? This is the first ever app to learn Spanish that is an actual video game designed for children, teens & adults.

An Immersion Experience
LangLandia copies that the immersion experience in that you get huge amounts of repetition without realizing you are doing it. LangLandia users can get become fluent in a year. Learning thousands of words and being able to mentally translate them in a fraction of a second, something that is required for Fluency. It’s not uncommon for users to play for years and answering hundreds of thousands of questions correctly.

Trap your first beast!
To survive Langlandia and advance in the institution, you must have a strong beast. Will it be a ferocious polar bear? A noble lion? A tiger? A wolf? A giant snake? Another? Or will you get lucky and get one of the mythical beasts like a yeti or even a dragon.

You will trap your baby beast and grow with him as he becomes more powerful and you become smarter (in Spanish). You are a team and will need him to get back home.

Learn by Battling:
You can first study Spanish with word statistics in flash card style, then learn it by battling with your beast. Practice all unlocked vocabulary or choose what you want to work on in the following game modes:
– 2000 Most Common Words
– Learn All Numbers
– 700 Most Common Verbs
– Most Used Sentences
– Grammar
– Suggested Vocabulary
– Worst Vocabulary
– Slowest Vocabulary
– Vocab Mastery
– Matching Practice
– Conjugation Practice
– Vocab Packs
– Grammar Packs

1v1 Online Battles:
Battle with other students online in the 1v1 arena league to see who is best at learning the language.

Online Exam Competition:
Compete with other students for prizes based on how well you score on the exam.

Online Boss Battles:
See how you stack up to other students, when you and your beasts try to take down bosses.

Clan Wars:
Form a clan and compete with your friends or classmates against other clans.

Weekly Event:
Every week there is a new weekly event where you can compete online against other students.

The Spanish words you will learn (Over 4000 words & sentences):
• The Most Common Spanish Words – The most useful and most commonly used words are taught, so you can pick up the language as fast as possible.
• Numbers – Learn to count to 100 million.
• Verbs – Learn to conjugate verbs including past, future and present tenses(conjugation, the biggest part of Spanish grammar).
• Sentences – Learn the most commonly used sentences and the sentences that are the building blocks to more complex sentences so you can start to build any sentence you want.
• Grammar – Learn and practice grammar rules to get a deep understanding of the language.
• Everything You Need – Everything is taught that you need to start speaking the Spanish.

Vocabulary Practice for All These Words:
Using flashcard education, you can study the words you will need before the battle(with audio).

Audio – The words are included with audio and repeated as you battle, so you will very quickly pick up how to perfectly say the words.

Reading Practice:
Langlandia includes over 30 books, most of them relating to the world of Langlandia. Don’t know what the word means? Just click on it and it will be translated for you. By reading and answering questions you will get rewards to use on your beast.

Thousands of Hours of Gameplay:
As the easiest way to learn Spanish, you will fly through hundreds of hours of gameplay and come out learning thousands of words.

As you advance levels in the institution:
Get new words, books and sentences by taking your well trained beast and beating the teachers.

Good for all levels of Spanish:
Is your Spanish already conversational? Play the game on hard where the extremely quick battles will train your brain to understand words fast. This is to be able to understand and speak (people won’t slow down their speech just because you aren’t a native speaker). The game is meant for beginning to advanced students.

Different levels (Easy, Normal, Hard):
You can enjoy different levels of battles. Want some relaxed battles that aren’t too difficult? Go for a walk in the meadow. Want something a little more challenging that you can collect more XP from? Go explore the forest. Are you feeling confident with the vocabulary and your beast? Enter the caves at hard difficulty for maximum XP.

You can play offline:
You don’t need internet to play and all of your progress will automatically be saved.

LangLandia is free to play!

Tired of Spanish learning apps that are boring? Become fluent & download Langlandia now!