100 Most Common Russian Words and How to Remember Them

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100 Most Common Russian Words and How to Remember Them

100 most common russian words

The 100 most common Russian words are the most important part of learning the language.  These 100 Russian words the entire foundation of the Russian language. Once you learn these 100 words, everything will start to make sense to you. 

That is why the following table will have the 100 most common Russian words and how to remember them.

The Russian language is from a completely different language family. So, us English speakers will have a tough time remembering many words because very few are similar to English words. This is where word association comes into play.

To associate a word, you just look at the Russian word and associate how the word sounds and the meaning with a sentence in English. Using association, you won’t find memorizing the follow 100 Russian words so challenging.

The 100 Most Common Russian Words and How to Remember Them

Rank Russian Words English Pronunciation English  translation How to remember these Russian Words
1 и ee and, though My Favorite letter is “E” ‘and’ Z
2 в v in, at  
3 не nye not  
4 он own he He’ “own”s everything
5 на na on, it, at, to  
6 я ya I  ‘I’ want a “Ya”cht
7 что chto what, that, why “ch” my ‘toe’
8 тот tote that that’ is a “tot”em
9 быть beets to be I want ‘to be’ eating “beets”
10 с s with, and, from, of  
11 а a while, and, but  
12 весь vyes all, everything “vyes” that is ‘everything’
13 это etah that, this, it  ‘This’ “Eta”lian talks a lot
14 как kawk how, what, as, like How’ is your “cock”?
15 она ana she “Anna” is a ‘she’
16 по pa, po on, along, by like “pa” (dad)
17 но no but “no” ‘but’ s about it
18 они On-nee they they’ want to ride “on knee”
19 к k to, for, by  
20 у oo by, with, of “oo” interesting, I want to be “by” it too
21 ты tee you, thou You’ want some “tea”?
22 из eez from, of, in I “eez” ‘from’ Murrika
23 мы mwee we mmm”mwe”
24 за za behind, over, at, after  “Za”ch is always ‘behind’
25 вы V-we you  “Vwee” vant to eat ‘you’ (vampire voice)
26 так tawk so, thus, then, like that I “tawk” like ‘that’ too
27 же zhye and, as for, but, same  
28 от ot from, of, for  You “ought” to come out ‘from’ there
29 сказать skazats to say, to speak  I don’t like ‘to speak’ to people with “skaz”ats (scars with accent)
30 этот etot this  
31 который katoriy which, who, that “Cat or E” ‘which’ sticker do you want?
32 мочь moch be able I’ll ‘be able’ to “moch” off my family
33 человек chyelovyek man, person The ‘man’ and other ‘person’ like to play “chyelo” vyek
34 о ah of, about, against  
35 один awdeen one, some, alone “aw” “deen” is the only ‘one’ who has it
36 ещё Yes-show still, yet, more “yes. Show” me ‘more’, I’m ‘still’ entertained
37 бы bui would  
38 такой takoy such, so, some  
39 только tolka only, merely, but J.R.R “Tolka” ‘only’ wrote 12 books
40 себя Seh-byah myself, himself, herself see b “ya” (I) myself
41 своё svayo one’s own, my, our  
42 какой kawkoy what, which, how “Kawk”(talking to rooster) “oye” ‘which’ is your hen?
43 когда kawgda when, while, as  
44 уже oozhye already, by now  
45 для dlya for, to  
46 вот vote here, there, this is, that’s Here’ is where I will “vote”
47 кто K-toe who, that, some who’s “k-toe” is that?
48 да da yes, but  
49 говорить govorits to say, to tell, to speak  
50 год Go-d year “go-d” this was a good ‘year’
Rank Russian Words English Pronunciation English  translation   How to remember these Russian Words
51 знать znats to know, be aware You must ‘know’ how to tie “z-knots”
52 мой moy my, mine This is “moy” toothbrush
53 до doe to, up to, about, before I walked ‘up to’ the “doe”
54 или Ee-lee or Norris ‘or’ Bruce “ee-lee”?
55 если Yes-lee if if’ Bruce “Lee” was alive, “yes”
56 время vremya time, season “vREM” sleep takes time. “ya” I do it
57 рука rooka hand, arm He must be a “rooka” (rookie plurrel) with that weak arm
58 нет nyet no, not, but No’ not “nyet”
59 самый Sam-eey most, the very, the same “Sammy” is ‘the most’ interesting guy
60 ни nee not a, not, neither… nor No ‘not” my “knee”
61 стать stots to become, begin, come I will ‘become’ your friend if you give me your “s-tots”
62 большой Ball-shoy big, large, important The “ball showy” was big
63 даже dazhye even He can “dazhye” the ball ‘even’ better than me
64 другой Droo-goy other, another, different My ‘other’ friend(droog) “droogoy”
65 наш Naw-sh our, ours Steve “Nawsh” is ‘our’ hero
66 свой svoy my, our, your  
67 ну new now, right, well, come on Well’, it is brand “new”
68 под pot under, for, towards, to The “pot” is ‘under’ the window
69 где Gud-yeh where Where’ is “Gud-yeh” tires?
70 дело Dyeh-la business, affair, matter It’s not your ‘business’ what “dyeh-la” I make
71 есть yest to eat, to be I can’t ‘eat’ anything with “yest” in it
72 сам sam myself, yourself “Sam” said – I will learn it ‘myself’
73 раз Rah-z time, once, since Remember that ‘time’ you “rahz”le dazzled him?
74 чтобы Ch-toe-bui that, in order that  
75 два dvah two “Dvah”n has two sisters
76 там tom there, then “Tom” is over ‘there’
77 чем chyem than; instead of I have more money ‘than’ “chyem”(them)
78 глаз glaz eye; sight I want a “glaz” ‘eye’
79 жизнь Zhee-zn life “Zheez”n my ‘life is crazy
80 первый Pier-veey first, front, former “Pier” was the ‘first’ to cross the finish line
81 день dyen day While in the “dyen” I couldn’t tell if it was still ‘day’
82 тут toot here, now, then Here’ is where you “toot” the horn
83 во voe in, at; super, exactly  
84 ничто Nee-ch-toe nothing He lost a leg. There was ‘nothing’ from his “knee” to “ch-toe”
85 потом Paw-toe-m afterwards, then Afterwards’ the werewolf’s “paw” became a “toe-m”
86 очень Oh-chyen very “Oh Chyen” you are a ‘very’ good ping pong player
87 со so with  
88 хотеть Hoe-tyet to want, like I don’t ‘want’ her because she’s not “hot yet”
89 ли lee whether, if “If’ Bruce “Lee” was still alive…
90 при pree attached to, in the presence of, by, about The grand “pree” is ‘attached to’ racing
91 голова Gahl-uh-vah head, mind, brains The “gahl” uh-vuh he had to punch his ‘head’
92 надо nada must, it is necessary I “must” learn the Spanish phrase de “nada”
93 без byez without “Byez”, I came ‘without’ my best friend
94 видеть Vee-dyet to see I want ‘to see” that music “veedyet”
95 идти Eed-tee to go, come I will ‘go’ if there “eed tea”
96 теперь Tyep-yer now, nowadays Now’ he has a bad “tyeper”
97 тоже Toe-zhye also, as well, too I ‘also” have two “toe-zhye”
98 стоять Stah-yat to stand, be, stand up You shouldn’t ‘stand’ while on the “stah-yaht”
99 друг droog friend “Drew-g” is my ‘friend’
100 дом dome house, home It was a “dome” ‘house’