Lang Unlimited Method


Language Unlimited Method

Nobody in the world will deny that, by far, the fastest way to learn a language is by immersion. The Language Unlimited method is based on immersion, but it is done in a way you can do it from your own home. It is a method designed to make language learning fast and, most importantly, fun.



1. Unlimited One on One Russian Tutoring

The first step in Lang Unlimited Method is getting a tutor. One on one tutoring is so important because the best practice in the world for learning to speak a language is actually speaking to native speakers. It also should be the foundation of your language learning because your tutors will guide you and give you the motivation you need to lear the language.

The one on one tutoring means that you will have Russian lessons catered to your level and goals with the language. There’s no quicker way to learn grammar than with a tutor and you will know you are on your way to becoming fluent at speaking the language.

They will start you on exactly what you need to be starting out on to build the foundation of the language that will get you ready for mastery.

Things your tutor will help you with in your personal Russian classes:

  • Grammar
  • Learning to read and write in Russian
  • Vocabulary
  • Having conversations
  • Listening and understanding
  • and MUCH more

Unlimited one on one tutoring is something that is included in your monthly subscription to Lang Unlimited.



2. 1000 most commonly used words

The second step in this method is to work on vocabulary, but not just any vocabulary, the 1000 most commonly used words. We want you to get memorize the first 100 most commonly used words as fast as possible because these are things you will hear all the time. The sooner you memorize these the sooner you start to understand the language.

You can find the most most common Russian words lists all over the internet. Here is one on a website. Still, I would suggest downloading a 1000 most common words application on your smart phone. Make sure it’s possible to favorite words to help with vocab.



3. Start learning the words in Russian that are the same or similar in English

By far the easiest vocabulary words to remember are the words that are similar or exactly the same as words in a language you already know. By starting to learn these words, you are increasing your vocabulary very quickly which will put you at the point where you can start having very basic conversations.

Check out this website to see a list of Russian words that are similar to English words:



4. Movies, TV and Music

Now that you have gotten a personal tutor and have some vocabulary under your belt, it’s time to start getting the immersion experience. It’s time to start watching TV and movies in Russian and listening to music in Russian.

These movies don’t have to be Russian movies, in fact, I suggest watching movies from Dream Works and Disney. Dream Works and Disney movies language is very clear and simple because these are movies that are also supposed to be understood by children. Trust me, as beginner in a language, you don’t want to start off with anything complicated.

Now you want to start watching and listening to these things whenever possible. If you are thinking of watching a movie, why not watch instead in Russian and download English subtitles? If you want to play a video game or chat on Facebook, why not put a Disney movie in Russian on in the background.

What will happen is that the more times you hear a word, the easier that word becomes to remember. So, even when you aren’t paying attention 100%, your subconscious is still picking up these words. When you come to these words in your vocabulary, you will remember them with a snap of your fingers. When you want to speak to somebody, but don’t know exactly how to say it, you just listen to your instincts and your subconscious will lead the way and come out the right way.


Movies and TV

There are many ways to get access to Russian movies and TV. One of those ways is Netflix. Netflix has the complete Dream Works collection of movies. Many people already have this service, but if you don’t look into getting it.

Another option is simply to buy the DVD. They usually come with different languages. Then, there are many ways online to get these movies.



Russian music is all over the internet, you just need to search. Youtube is full of it. While listening to Russian music it is ideal to find a video with English and Russian subtitles so you can be consciously learning vocabulary while listening to the music.

Check out this YouTube channel for hundreds of Russian songs with subtitles in both English and Russian.




5. Get Google Translate

Once you have gotten some movies and music, you will want to make sure you have a translator close by. The best translator in the world is, fortunately, completely free. If you have a smart phone download the Google Translate application.

In this application you can Translate any words or sentences, translate anything in front of the camera and translate speech simultaneously to any language you want. It doesn’t get much better than that.

You should be using this application while watching movies, so you can better understand words meanings.


Practice having a conversation

Another thing you should do is practice having a conversation. It can be with yourself, your tutor or a Russian speaker. While doing this there will be a lot you don’t understand how to say. Have Google Translate out so you can know how to say what you want.

When there is something you don’t know how to say and you realize that’s something you will use a lot, make sure to favorite the word or sentence. Later you can go into the app and go over all the words and sentenced you favored.

This is the best way to put you on the fast track to speaking because you will first learn the words that you, personally, most commonly use in a conversation.



6. Reading with a translator

The best way to deeply understand sentence structure and to simultaneously broaden your vocabulary is to read. At first, you will notice that while reading you will understand very little. This is why you will want to have a translator close by.

Google Translate is a good option, but if you are willing to spend a bit extra, you might want to check out Babylon. Babylon is a translation application for your computer or phone where you just simply have to click on a word and it will translate it instantly. This application makes reading at lower levels much more enjoyable and will end up saving you a lot of time.



Bonus: We encourage you to take a trip to a Russian speaking country

Immersion is the undeniably the best way to learn a language and after doing this program for a couple months you will be able to have conversations, this is the best way to practice it. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, but a nice vacation is something everybody needs.

If you can’t do this, no problem. Luckily we live in a technology age where it is very easy to communicate online with people anywhere in the world. Just join a website where you can meet Russian speaking people.


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